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Bar quenching and tempering

Purchase energy-saving and environmental protection bar material conditioning production line to find a professional manufacturer – Hebei YUANTUO Electromechanical, according to your process requirements for you to customize the bar material conditioning production line, to meet your different needs, welcome to call for advice, free to provide you with PC bar conditioning production line quotation and scheme selection.


YUANTUO  bar induction hardening and tempering machine has the advantages of:

1. Air cooled IGBT induction heating power supply control, low power consumption, high production efficiency, more than 30% energy saving than ordinary power supply.

2. Conveying roller table: the included angle between the axis of roller table and the axis of workpiece is 18-21 ° and the workpiece rotates at the same time and moves forward at a constant speed to make the heating more uniform. The roller table between furnace bodies is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled

3. Roller grouping: feed group, inductor group and discharge group are controlled independently, which is conducive to continuous heating without gap between workpieces.

4. Temperature closed-loop control: both quenching and tempering adopt American Raytheon infrared thermometer and German Siemens S7 form a closed-loop control system to accurately control temperature.

5. The quenching and tempering heat treatment production line provides remote operation platform with touch screen or industrial computer system according to the needs of users.

6. Heating uniform, quenching and tempering after the workpiece does not deform, product performance has been.

7. Specially customized man-machine interface, highly humanized operation instructions.

8. All digital, high depth adjustable parameters, let you control the equipment handy.

Hebei YUANTUO Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has many years of production experience in bar quenching and tempering production line. The company mainly deals in steel bar heating furnace, steel bar heating furnacesteel pipe heating furnace, steel pipe heat treatment production line, aluminum rod heating furnace, billet heating furnace and many other induction heating equipment, Induction heat treatment equipment, quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, etc. Over the years, we always adhere to the original intention and serve every customer with integrity.

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