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Automation and Specialization of Intermediate Frequency Induction Heat treatment production Line

Hebei Yuantuo mechanical and electrical professional production intelligent, automatic, professional intermediate frequency Induction heat treatment equipment , intermediate frequency induction heat treatment production line, advanced equipment technology, stable performance, man-machine interface touch screen PLC automatic intelligent control system, simple operation, thousands of successful cases can be used for your reference, welcome to inquire!

With the continuous development of science and technology, in order to realize the automation and intelligence of intermediate frequency induction heat treatment production line, Hebei remote development machine electroheat treatment production introduces advanced technology at home and abroad, and develops a computer industrial control computer control system, which can ensure the stability of heat treatment process and obtain high quality product quality, so that induction heating equipment and quenching heat treatment equipment can be obtained. Quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment is developing in the direction of high efficiency and low cost, flexibility and intelligence. Many modern foreign enterprises use computers in heat treatment, and more heat treatment equipment developed and produced in China have introduced microcomputer control, which has greatly improved the automation level and production efficiency of the equipment. Some achievements have been made in the real-time control of heat treatment process, computer aided design, computer simulation and the development and application of mathematical model.

Remote extension electromechanical induction heat treatment production line adopts automatic intelligent PLC control system:

1. According to the needs of users, it provides a remote operating platform with touch screen or industrial computer system.

2, special custom man-machine interface, highly humanized operation instructions.

3, full digital, high depth adjustable parameters, so that you can easily control the equipment.

4, strict grade management system, perfect one-key reduction system.

5, according to different countries and regions to provide the corresponding language switching.


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