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Application of induction heating equipment technology!

With the development and progress of science and technology,Induction heat treatment equipment  is gradually replacing the traditional metal heat treatment furnace. This Heat treatment furnace adopts mechatronics structure equipment, through electric heating, to achieve environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving and other new heat treatment technology.

By means of rapid heating, the surface of the steel parts to be processed can reach quenching temperature, and the surface layer will only be hardened to martensite without equal heat transfer to the center, and the microstructure of annealed (or normalizing and tempered) with good toughness can still be obtained from the original plasticity of unquenched steel.

The basic principle of induction heating surface quenching (1): after putting the workpiece in the sensor wound with hollow copper pipe, the induction current of the same frequency is formed on the surface of the workpiece after medium frequency or high frequency alternating current, and the surface of the part can be heated rapidly (800 ≤ 1000 degrees in a few seconds, and the center is still close to room temperature), so that the surface layer of the workpiece can be hardened by water spray cooling (or oil immersion quenching).

Application of induction heating surface quenching: Compared with the common heating quenching, the method comprises the following steps of:

1. The heating speed is very fast, and the temperature range of the A-body transition temperature can be enlarged, and the transition time can be shortened. And

2, the surface layer of the workpiece after quenching can be obtained with very fine cryptocrystalline martensite, and the hardness is slightly higher (2-3HRC). Low brittleness and higher fatigue strength. And

3, the workpiece processed by the process is not easy to be oxidized and decarbonized, and even some work pieces can be directly assembled and used after being processed.

4, the hardening layer is deep, the operation is easy to control, and the mechanization and the automation are easy to realize.


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