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Application of induction heating equipment technology!

With the development and progress of science and technology, induction heating technology is gradually replacing the traditional metal heat treatment furnace. This Induction heating furnace adopts mechatronics structure equipment, through electric heating, to achieve environmental protection and high efficiency. New heat treatment technology for energy saving and other production.

By means of rapid heating, the surface of the steel parts to be processed reaches the quenching temperature, and the surface is hardened to maraging, and the center is still the original plasticity of unquenched, if the heat is transferred to the center, that is, to cool rapidly, only to harden the surface layer, and to make the center unquenched. Annealing (or normalizing and tempering) microstructure with good toughness.

Induction heating surface quenching (1) basic principle: the workpiece is placed in a sensor wound with a hollow copper tube, and the induction current of the same frequency is formed on the surface of the workpiece after it is introduced into intermediate frequency or high frequency alternating current. After the surface of the part is heated rapidly (800 ≤ 1000 degrees in a few seconds and the center is still close to room temperature), the surface layer of the workpiece is hardened by spray water cooling (or oil immersion quenching). (2) the current frequency commonly used in the selection of heating frequency is as follows: 1, high frequency heating: 100 ≤ 500KHZ, commonly used 200000KHZ. it is high frequency heating of electronic tube, the depth of hardened layer is 0.5 × 2.5mm, which is suitable for small and medium-sized parts. 2, intermediate frequency heating: the current frequency is 500 × 10 000 Hz, the common use is 2500 × 8 000 Hz, and the power supply equipment is mechanical intermediate frequency heating device or thyristor intermediate frequency generator. The depth of hardened layer is ~ 10 mm. Suitable for large diameter shafts, medium and large gears, etc.

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