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Apple Corp abandons poor people, medium frequency induction heating furnace: my price is more reasonable!

Apple Corp abandons poor people, medium frequency induction heating furnace: my price is more reasonable!

At 1 a.m. Beijing time on September 13th, Apple launched three new phones and fourth generation Apple watches. Although the dual card dual standby function makes many consumers heartfelt, the price seems unattractive. “Apple’s brand is really good, but the new mobile phone does not have a function worth remembering,” netizens have said. Despite all the irresistible factors, high prices and unsatisfactory functionality may cause Apple to lose some consumers. Similarly, the right price and advanced functions will attract more consumers.

The above principle is also applicable to induction heating furnace industry. Medium frequency heating equipment is a technology-intensive product, and is closely related to the profits of many industries. With the rising demand for medium frequency induction heating furnace, the market share of industrial heating furnace is gradually increasing. More and more iron and steel enterprises are looking for medium priced, fully functional and advanced medium frequency induction heating furnaces.

1. Through the high speed operation, the medium frequency induction heating furnace feeds, conveys and heats metal materials. The rotor and electromagnetic precision match, the cutting efficiency is high. Through the rotor rotating smoothly at high speed, the intermediate frequency, strong circumferential tangent speed, heating speed and other comprehensive kinetic energy efficiency can be formed; the intermediate frequency induction furnace can reach 1100 ~1500°C within very short time to ensure the metal workpiece quality.

2. Material contact parts are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel, which meets the requirements of GMP; conveyor rollers are made of V-shaped conveyor rollers with 12 degrees inclination, double-row bearings at both ends, and connected with roller motor through plum blossom coupling. Roller materials in different areas are different; production control handle and heating speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and production precision is high. The induction heat treatment equipment adopts anti-dripping, anti-corrosion and fault automatic alarm device, including PLC manual control + drive motor + cylinder start-stop control, power control of induction heating power supply, temperature closed-loop control, frequency conversion speed control and so on. All actions can be displayed and operated on the control cabinet.

3. The conveyor roll of medium frequency induction heating furnace is driven by special motor with frequency conversion and speed regulation. The power is 0.75KW. The speed range of roll table is 85-245mm/s, that is, 5.1-14.7m/min. The motor speed can be adjusted by frequency converter to meet the requirements of different machining processes.

4. The storage roller frame is welded by steel plate and special strong section steel, and the bottom is fixed by foot bolts to the foundation, so as to effectively prevent vibration, movement and distortion.

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