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An intelligent processing bolt heating furnace!

Induction heat treatment equipment  has been widely used in mining machinery, automobile manufacturing, transportation and other fields. Bolt heating furnace is a kind of induction heating furnace which is specially used in the research and development of remote electromechanical research and development of user bolt heating treatment. According to the nature of bolt, the bolt heating furnace is developed and produced to meet the users’ difficult problems.

1. Bolt heating equipment, an intelligent and high-yield induction heating equipment 1, advanced structure, simple operation: compared with the traditional heating equipment, bolt electric heating equipment is compact in structure, simple in installation, convenient in operation, standard in parts arrangement, no complicated infrastructure links, that is, open, no preheating, energy saving and convenient.

2, advanced configuration, intelligent operation: bolt heating furnace equipped with advanced PLC control system, The whole induction heating equipment can realize remote control, master the running parameters of the equipment in real time, adjust immediately and realize safe production.

3, green environmental protection, saving energy consumption: the bolt heating equipment adopts electromagnetic induction heating, the heat is generated from the inside of the work-piece, and there is no waste gas and smoke pollution in the heating process, at the same time, it does not cause high temperature around the production workshop to create a good production environment.

Second, how much the price of bolt electric heating equipment affects the price of induction heating and quenching equipment, mainly depends on the work-piece, process requirements, production efficiency and equipment configuration of the user, at the same time, the price of bolt heating equipment of different manufacturers is different, the production requirements of the same bolt heating equipment, different users are different, the equipment configuration is different, the price is also different. Therefore, the specific induction heating equipment also invites users to call us for consultation, Yuantuo Electromechanical and Electrical Technical engineer to provide you with technical solutions and quotations.

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