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Aluminum bar induction heating equipment

When it comes to metal heating equipment, at present, the non induction heating equipment of metal heating furnace with high attention in the industry is nothing but a high-quality metal heating equipment with electric heating. With its excellent production performance and special heating principle, the induction heating equipment does not produce waste gas, smoke, dust and other substances that pollute the environment in the production process, to achieve environmental protection processing, is gradually replacing the traditional metal heating equipment.


Aluminum bar has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and other properties, and has a wide range of applications and important industrial value. At present, induction heating equipment has been widely used in the hot processing of aluminum bars. With the excellent performance of induction heating equipment, the production of environmental protection, high-quality processing, energy-saving production and so on can be realized.

1. Uniform heating, reasonable choice of hot working

The hot working quality of aluminum bar is guaranteed, the heating temperature is even, the temperature difference between core and surface is small, and the processing quality is excellent.

2. Large output, reasonable choice of hot working

The Induction heating furnace of aluminum bar adopts the electromagnetic principle to heat. The heat of this induction heating furnace is directly generated from the inside of the workpiece, with a thermal efficiency of more than 95%, high heating speed, short heating time and high production efficiency. PLC system is equipped for centralized control of production with high degree of automation.

3. One machine with multiple functions, reasonable choice of hot working

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