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Advantages of medium frequency bar heating equipment

In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of environmental protection and the increasing depletion of metal material resources, the traditional heating equipment is gradually eliminated by the market. Only to adapt to the market trend and the continuous updating of technology can meet the market demand, what are the advantages of medium frequency  bar induction heating equipment now? YUANTUO mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. will answer this question for you.


Advantages of YUANTUO medium frequency bar induction heating equipment:

1. High heating speed, high production efficiency, no burning loss, less oxidation and decarbonization, saving material and forging die cost.

2. 2. Uniform heating, small temperature difference between core and surface, high temperature control accuracy, high degree of automation, and fully automatic operation.

3. Meet the requirements of environmental protection: adopt environmental protection medium frequency rod heating equipment, which is not easy to produce dust in the production process, and the noise is not easy to spread out, and environmental protection is not afraid.

4. Medium frequency bar heating equipment has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, excellent heat processing quality and favorable environment, which is rapidly eliminating coal fired furnace, gas furnace and oil fired furnace as a new generation of metal heating equipment.

YUANTUO mechanical and electrical medium frequency bar heating equipment has good service. No matter in the pre-sale or after-sale, it is received by a special person in charge. Before the sale, you can consult online customer service to answer your questions 24 hours, and you can also come to the factory to visit and inspect, take the material to test the machine, if you need, you can also go to their customers for on-site actual inspection; in the sale, medium frequency bar induction heating equipment is sent to you Arrive at the site, and there are technicians and installation workers responsible for the installation, do not worry about the installation problem; if there is a problem after sales, you can contact the after-sales personnel directly.

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