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Advantages and characteristics of continuous casting steel billet heating furnace

Continuous casting steel billet heating furnace is a non-standard medium frequency induction heating equipment for square steel and billet heating. It is suitable for forging after square steel heating and rolling after square steel heating. Due to sharp corners in the shape of square steel, special treatment should be taken in the design of induction coil of continuous casting steel billet heating furnace in order to ensure the uniformity of square steel heating temperature.

Auxiliary system of continuous casting steel billet heating furnace:

1. Feeding system: each axis is driven by an independent motor reducer. Multi axis drive is set and controlled by a single frequency converter to synchronize the multi axis operation.

2. Guiding system of heating furnace for continuous casting billet temperature rise: 304 non-magnetic stainless steel guide wheel is adopted, and the axial direction of the guide wheel is kept moderately elastic to adapt to the bending of steel billet within the allowable range.

3. Temperature closed-loop system: the closed-loop control system is composed of American Leitai infrared thermometer and German Siemens S7. The power supply power is automatically adjusted according to the initial temperature and feed speed of billet entering the inductor to keep the heating temperature constant before discharging.

4. Industrial computer system: real-time display of current working parameters and status, blank parameter memory, storage, printing, fault alarm, automatic reduction of power supply power and constant temperature and many other powerful functions.


Characteristics of continuous casting steel billet heating furnace:

1. The heating time in the continuous casting steel billet heating furnace is shorter than that in the flame furnace, which is not only conducive to reduce iron loss, but also improve the surface quality of steel billet in the rolling process;

2. Using electromagnetic induction heating, there is no combustion product in the heating zone, which effectively eliminates the oxidation and decarburization of square steel and billet. Therefore, clean square steel and billet can be obtained through this rapid heating;

3. Continuous casting steel billet heating furnace has the advantages of fast heating speed, reducing oxidation and decarburization on the surface, which is conducive to environmental protection and greatly reducing heat radiation;

4. The use of continuous casting billet temperature raising heating furnace can not only conveniently, quickly and accurately automatically control the temperature, but also save energy

5. Super long billet can be heated, which is conducive to semi endless rolling and improve rolling efficiency. For the on-site video of the continuous casting steel billet heating furnace, you can contact our technical engineer by phone or wechat. We will have professional technicians to customize the required medium frequency induction heating equipment scheme for you. You only need to inform us of your workpiece size, material, process requirements and production efficiency, and FOREVER technicians will design a practical medium frequency induction heating equipment scheme for you according to your needs.


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