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Steel bar induction heat treatment furnace

If you choose the right manufacturer for the bar induction heating furnace , it can not only save most of your electric energy, but also bring you considerable economic profits in the later stage. FOREVER  Electromechanical is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment, induction quenching equipment, quenching and tempering production line and forging diathermy equipment. You can customize a suitable steel bar induction heat treatment furnace according to your process needs.

Main characteristics of steel bar induction heating furnace: adjustable power, induction heating equipment, fast heating speed, high efficiency, significant energy and power saving, configurable installation of two-color infrared temperature measuring device, real-time display of workpiece heating temperature, easy temperature control, wide heating range, strong applicability, only metal induction heating, safety, environmental protection and high efficiency


Main advantages of steel bar induction heat treatment furnace:

1. The steel bar induction heat treatment furnace has the advantages of high power, fast heating, transparent core, low power consumption and high production efficiency.

2. Fast heating: fast heating speed and uniform heating of workpiece.

3. Wide application: it can heat all kinds of metal workpieces.

4. The steel bar induction heat treatment furnace has low power consumption: it has high thermal efficiency, so it can save energy compared with other heating methods (such as coal).

5. The workpiece surface is heated evenly and rapidly, which reduces the oxidation layer on the workpiece surface and the deformation of the workpiece

FOREVER  electromechanical has produced steel bar induction heat treatment furnace for many years, and the products are sold at home and abroad. The main products also include steel bar heating furnace, steel bar quenching furnace, steel pipe induction heating equipment, aluminum bar induction heating furnace, round steel heat treatment furnace, billet induction heating furnace, steel pipe quenching heat treatment equipment, metal heat treatment furnace, steel bar quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, etc. welcome to consult


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