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Wind power anchor induction heat treatment line-Quenching and tempering heat treatment

Wind power anchor induction heat treatment line-Quenching and tempering heat treatment

Anchor reinforcement technology is widely used in the engineering industry. At present, it has been developed in underground anchoring applications such as underground engineering, slope engineering, structural anti-floating engineering, deep foundation pit engineering, gravity dam strengthening project, bridge engineering and anti-overturning and aseismic engineering. Like other bars quenching and tempering, induction heat treatment line is mainly to improve the mechanical properties of anchors to obtain the desired sorbite.

Wind power anchor induction heat treatment line Introduction:
This project is developed, design and manufacturer by Forever Furnace. The induction heat treatment production line is composed of two parts: quenching and tempering; the quenching heating part is composed of two sets of medium frequency power supply with different power and multiple heating induction coils, the total power of quenching part is 750KW, the total power of tempering part is 400KW, the total length is up to 38.62 M, of which the spray part consists of three groups of spray rings. and technical parameters for wind power anchor induction heat treatment line:

● Bar diameter range (mm): Φ30-65

● Bar length range (mm): 2000-7500

● Bar material: S45SC,40 Cr, 42 CrMo and so on

● Quenching temperature: 750-1200 ℃

● Tempering temperature: 500-900 ℃

● Hardness range: 25-40HRC

● Maximum production: 2T/ H

Requirements of the final hardness uniformity ± 10HB, based on the straightness of the raw material, bar straightness after quenching requirements: less than 1mm / m.

Spray ring is fully enclosed type to prevent spilled liquid spray, spray water is also conducive to the return. The relative position of the grading spray device is adjustable. A sump is used for recovering the quenching liquid to prevent the spray water from splashing out. Each level of sprinkler system has a separate water pump, electronic flow meter, so that it can be controlled.

Remark:Having more than 13 years of experience in the bar quenching and tempering, our bar induction hardening and tempering equipment is available for ø20-130mm quenching and temepring of various steel material.


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