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3000KW/1000HZ induction billet heater manufacturer in China

3000KW/1000HZ induction billet heater manufacturer in China

Recently Forever induction billet heater is selling very well, we just send the 5000kw induction billet heater, now another order of 3000Kw billet induction heating furnace come. 

The main technical parameters :

1.Steel range material need to be heated:Q345Q235

2.Steel billet dimension:120mm×120mm×6000mm

3.Steel billet Max. Camber before charging into the furnace:≤4mm/M  1000mm

4.Billet surface temperature before reheating: ≥850℃

5.Billet rolling temperature: 1050℃1100℃

6.Heating method: Induction heating

7.Calculated as per billet surface temperature 850℃,the power consumption per ton is 70kw to heat to 1050℃.Design 3000KW with rectifier 12 pulse, line in voltage 660V.

8.Control for heating process:PLC automatic control for the whole heating process and show the production records such as the quantity or heating temperature of billet and so on.

9.There is infrared thermometer at charging and discharging induction heater. The temperature difference between the head and the tail is less than 40℃.

 10.Water cooling carrier roller :Non-magnetic stainless steel

 11.Frequency control range(practical range)


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