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22SiMn2 low alloy steel plate quenching furnace for quenching 30mm thickness

22SiMn2 low alloy steel plate quenching furnace for quenching 30mm thickness

Forever Specialty provides customers with technical solutions for plate induction heat treatment equipment. It is the earliest technical research and development provider in the field of plate induction quenching equipment in China. Concentrate on providing customers with excellent plate induction heating furnace, plate quenching production line technical services, so that customers have more competitive products.

Product Name: Steel plate quenching heat treatment equipment
Equipment brand: Forever
Workpiece materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, 22SiMn2
For thickness: 30mm
Process: Heating and quenching
Heating temperature: 900-950 C
Power requirement: 100-8000 KW

The intermediate frequency induction heating power supply control features for plate induction heating furnace.

1.Parallel resonant design, phase shift power, high power factor, small harmonic, simple operation.

2. The power supply and the inductor always keep a reliable match with the full power output. Compared with the traditional power inverter, the energy saving is 15-30%.

3.The power supply can automatically adjust the parameters of different sizes of workpieces.

4.Full touch screen control, pure digital settings, complete process records and strict level of authority.

5. Plate induction quenching furnace has self-protection (over-current, over-pressure, water pressure, phase loss, under-voltage, overload) system, in case of emergency, the equipment has self-diagnosis function.

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The characteristics of mechanical transmission part of plate induction heating furnace are as follows:

1. The rollers and motors of the plate quenching furnace are driven independently. If one of the motors has problems, the furnace will not be affected.

2. The steel plate induction heat treatment furnace adopts water-cooled roller feeding mode, and the workpiece can be transported evenly. We set the inductor on the conversion device to ensure that the plate can pass smoothly through the roller.

3. According to the safety and standardization requirements of the machinery industry, all exposed mechanical rotations should have reliable protective covers, and plate induction heat treatment equipment should be consistent with the national environment.

4. Temperature control of plate quenching furnace is carried out by American two-color Raytek pyrometer and the current temperature is displayed in real time.

5. The input and output roller table adopts 304 non-magnetic stainless steel material, which is wear-resistant and has long service life.


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