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2023 German Heat Treatment Exhibition

On June 12-16, 2023, the quadrennial German Heat Treatment Exhibition was successfully held at the Dusseldorf Convention and Exhibition Center, with over 300 companies participating, including approximately 30 Chinese companies. During the same period, the German Metallurgical Exhibition, Foundry Exhibition, and Casting Exhibition were also held, with over 2000 global companies participating, including 599 Chinese companies. China has become the country with the highest number of participating companies. For 12 consecutive years, New Steel Culture has organized Chinese companies to participate in four sessions of the German Heat Treatment Exhibition. The participating and participating companies in this session include Hebei Yuantuo(forever) Wuxi Juntengfanghu, Henan Qisheng, Shanghai Nicai, Shanghai Lianlu, Beijing Zhongfu Yueda, Hunan Dingli Technology, Steel Research Haopu, Antai Tianlong, Beijing Zhengqixin, Hebei Hongyuan, Guangdong Huamao, Qingdao Yuanding Haite, etc. New Steel Culture has also opened a live broadcast room for pictures of the German Heat Treatment Exhibition. The next German Heat Treatment Exhibition will continue to be held in Dusseldorf in June 2027.

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