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2019 heat treatment steel tube special induction furnace price quotation!

We always adhere to the principle of “Technology first Service first” and strive to provide customers with the best intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment. The product has been checked and tested by the State Technical Supervision Bureau, and has established a perfect technical quality and after-sales service guarantee system. FOREVER Electromechanical is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to environmental protection and enterprise development and environmental protection and energy-saving projects. Hebei FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical Integrity Enterprise, professional induction heating equipment, medium frequency induction furnace suppliers.

1. When choosing steel pipe heat treatment production line, I can not choose whose induction heating equipment is based on whose price is low. Because the heat treatment furnace of steel pipe belongs to non-standard custom product, the price of heat treatment production line with different configuration is not uniform. For the same specification of steel pipe, the heat treatment scheme given by different manufacturers may be different. For example, different power, different frequency, different heating temperature and so on.

2, we have to choose according to your workpiece, the size, length, material, etc., because it is not standard. Therefore, our heat treatment equipment manufacturers should tailor-made design and production of steel pipe heat treatment furnace for you according to the specific parameters of your workpiece.

Quality assurance of each set of induction heating equipment sold by FOREVER. We not only product quality assurance, FOREVER after-sales service is not only other manufacturers can not reach the level. Because, FOREVER Induction heating equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. not only has an independent research and development team, but also a professional after-sales service team, they travel all the year round, in order to make your induction equipment production smoothly. Provide all kinds of problems encountered in induction heating furnace at any time.

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