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2018 high performance induction heating equipment is like this,automatic and energy saving !

2018 high performance induction heating equipment is like this,automatic and energy saving !

Under the grim situation of the market, most of the bar heat treatment furnace industry has been eliminated. If you want to survive, you have to keep pace with the times and constantly develop new scientific and technological products. Forever is a professional manufacturer of bar heat treatment furnace. We are specialized in providing users with non-standard customized induction heating equipment for various materials and shapes of workpiece. The equipment is fully automatic and intelligentized.

Since its building in 1999, Forever can only make forging furnace and induction melting furnace. But after years of developmnet, Forever has formed its own brand and strength, that is induction hardening and tempering equipment, inline billet heating induction furnace, surface quenching equipment and special workpiece induction heat treatment equipment. Here we are describing the features for you.

1. Induction heating equipment has a professional technicians to design a complete protection circuit to ensure the reliability and stability in work.

2.Forever bar heat treatment furnace has the advantages of fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization and high start-up success rate.

3. Frequency conversion self-adaptive ability, fault self-diagnosis, intelligent protection system, intermediate frequency induction heating equipment anti-voltage fluctuation performance is good, power control precision is extremely high with high starting rate.

4. The remote induction heat treatment equipment and induction billet heater adopt PLC man-machine interface control program, advanced technology, full digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, heating uniform.

5. After treatment, the workpiece has no overheating, no cracks, high yield, tensile strength and straightness can meet customer requirements.

6. The heating temperature is controlled by two-color pyrometer. The temperature of bar heat treatment furnace is real-time displayed. The heating is more uniform and the qualified rate of finished product is quite high.


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