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120*120mm Induction billet heater professional China manufacturer

120*120mm Induction billet heater professional China manufacturer

Nearly 13 years’ experience in the field of billet heating system, Forever has manufactured many large power induction billet heater for the users from home and abroad, such as 60*60mm, 120*120mm, 150*150mm, 100*10mm. 

Compared with other manufacturers of induction billet heater, our factory is more specialized in the large billet induction heater for increasing the billet heat inline. The following is one of our case.

120*120mm Induction billet heater technical parameters

No. Requirement
1 Steel grade Carbon steel,alloy steel
2 Billet size  120×120 mm²
3 Productivity 150T/H
4 Billet surafce temperature  900℃
5 Heating to 1100℃
6 Steel billet Max. Camber before sending to the furnace ≤3mm/M
7 Power consumption 40kw/h per ton heating from 900℃ to 1100℃
8 Temperature control system Automatic control & adjust for heating Temp.
9 Whole system control system Siemens PLC control


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