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Induction heating furnace manufacturer

Induction heating furnace manufacturer, see this word, many people will come to mind that kind of metal steel bar heating equipment, the specific induction heating equipment function and use I think not many people should be clear, in order to let everyone understand the bar electric heating equipment, it is necessary to introduce the steel heating furnace in detail.

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What is induction heating equipment? Induction heating equipment is a kind of equipment which uses intermediate frequency current to heat treat metal workpiece to heat up. the metal steel rod is placed in the induction coil, the alternating current is evenly distributed into the metal steel rod by the inductor, and the heat is generated by the vortex current, so as to reach the temperature required for heat treatment. This process adopts non-contact heating, the heat is generated directly from the metal steel bar, the thermal efficiency is more than 95%, the heating speed is fast, the heating time is short, and the surface of the metal steel bar will not produce oxidation scale, burning, decarbonization and deformation.

Which one of the induction heating equipment in Hebei is good? Because the industrial development of Hebei is relatively good, so the production quality of round steel induction heating equipment is still relatively high, so which bar heat treatment and quenching equipment in Hebei is good? Here can give you a positive answer: “Hebei FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical”, first of all, its strength is relatively strong, with an independent product research center and 17000 square meters of green large-scale production base, with mature production lines, products exported to many countries, and customer feedback is relatively good, a good reputation of a company is worthy of your trust. In addition, Hebei FOREVER electromechanical environmental protection concept is relatively strong, now for the environmental protection of the national requirements are more strict, so in the selection and purchase of equipment needs special attention, and the choice of a strong environmental awareness of bar quenching equipment manufacturers is very necessary, Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical service quality and after-sale protection are the use of “one-stop” full package. Do not worry about the follow-up protection issues, completely let you buy after the worry.

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